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AVCIT DSIII is a compact KVM encoder/decoder, designed to transmit FHD or UHD video and keyboard & mouse HID signals over standard Gigabit Ethernet with low latency, low bit rates(4-20Mbps), and high image quality up to Chroma of 4:4:4. 

A high-performance virtual KVM matrix can be configured over IP, It is a fully distributed and dynamic KVM over IP solution; Benefiting from its no-server design, any single encoder/decoder’s bug will not affect the entire system, It will surely reduce the risk of system, and add much value on your design of mission-critical command & control center.


Simplify the Office Enviroment

Locate critical server hardware in a secure server room, isolated from noise, heat, and dust. Create a comfortable environment for control room operators.


Intuitive & Dynamic OSD for Quick Control

Get pixel-perfect image quality and visually latency-free user experience, Competence in any mission-critical tasks


High efficient team collaboration

Operators can collaborate with each other by content sharing, internal video calls, view & controlling up to 8 PC on a single monitor simultaneously.

AVCiT-Background-24-7 Operation.png

24/7 Operation

Decentralized architecture, without a single point of failure design, is more stable for 24/7 operation.

More Details

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